A Mile in my shoes (2016)

Feature, Drama | 110 min | Morocco,
Director : Said Khallaf
Cast : Amine Ennaji, Noufissa Benchehida, Sanaa Bahaj, Rawia, Mohamed Hmimsa, Othmane Lghafy, Mohamed Ayad, Meryam Bakouche

A Mile in My Shoes is the story of a young man, SAEED, and his journey to manhood, growing up homeless, in severe poverty and in the casual and targeted violence of a large city.  His story is told in a mix of four timelines and genres, woven together, intercut into one portrait.

About the Director :

Saïd is an emerging writer and filmmaker,He started his career in the film industry in Vancouver, Canada. He started off as a stage performer, he co-wrote and performed in a number of theatre plays,he produced and directed for the Canadian Channel M a weekly TV Show that highlighted the Arab community activities in Canada,he directed and edited 5 short documentaries for ALJazeera, In Amman and Doha Qatar.Saïd has written a number of screenplays that have been produced and directed by other Moroccan filmmakers.in 2014, Saïd directed his first long feature ‘’A Mile In My Shoes’’, released on 2016, the film has won so far 22 Awards from different international festivals.

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