Karma (2018)

Feature, Drama | 110 min | Egypt
Director : Khaled Youssef
Cast : Ghadah Abdulrazeq, Wafaa Amer, Maged El-Masri

A social drama that deals with the tense relationship between Muslims and Christians, through the story of a young Muslim who falls in love with a Christian girl and marries her despite the objection of everyone. On the other hand it revolves around the involvement of a businessman in a major corruption case in the country.

About the Director:

His films are noted for their use of improvisation and a realistic cinéma vérité style. In a career spanning more than three decades, Youssef’s films have encompassed many themes and genres. In his films, Youssef has addressed the issues of authoritarianism, lack social justice, poverty, religious intolerance, corruption, restrictions on the freedom of thoughts and opinion, and the sexual violence in the Egyptian and the Arab communities.

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