Catharsys, or The Afina Tales of the Lost World (2018)

Feature, Drama | 98 min | Morocco
Director : Yassine Marco Marrocu
Cast : Mohamed Zouaoui, Aziz Dadas, Sonia Okacha

In a world staggering under the strain of global drought, the Chairman hosts the “Morning Dark Show”, a radio programme with a massive following. His rants are sermon-like in their vigour as he rains down invective, piling the blame and guilt for what seems like the end of times on his listeners’ own sorry selves. “It will never get better,” he claims, “and you will stay as you are.” When the Chairman randomly selects Jamal Afina to share his life story on air, the whole world tunes in to hear of his extraordinary journey. Darkly visionary, the universe of Catharsys, or The Afina Tales of the Lost World is less a frightening, futuristic dystopia than it is a nightmarish echo of the state of the world of right now.

Casablanca Arab Film Festival 13

About the Director:

Yassine Marco Marroccu was born in Morocco, and graduated with a degree in filmmaking from the Università degli studi di Udine. He has directed and produced numerous films and commercials. His short films include Gnawas (2003), Trr…Issa !!! Blave Runner (2004), Derdba (2005), Entropya (2013), and Rouge ailleurs (2014); his feature-length works are Ana l’hay (2012), Tre se shalosh (also 2012).

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