Feature, Drama | 90 min | Oman, India
Director : Khalid Abdulrahim Al-Zadjali
Cast :  Noura Al-Farsi, Ali Al-Amri, M.R. Gopakumar

After a horrible incident happens to Zayana, in which she couldn’t get justice in Oman, her family suggests to remain quiet about the matter and not to file charges because it is too taboo and will create a scandal. She finds it difficult to adjust and accept the way things are in her society; her relationship begins to deteriorates with her husband Adel, to get her mind away from the matter she decides to continue her postgraduate studies somewhere nobody knows her, she chooses India and couple of weeks later there she has a complete nervous breakdown. Adel feels guilty that he didn’t stand for her side and immediately leaves Oman after her footsteps. Adel faces a series of unfortunate events while searching for her in India, his journey to Zayana is full symbolism and soul searching.


About the Director:

Dr. Khalid Alzadjali holds two PhDs in cinema and television, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in film directing. He has extensive experience as a director of feature and documentary films. He is also the director, producer and screenwriter of many plays and TV dramas. Alzadjali is the founder and president of Muscat International Film Festival. He has been a member and chair of juries at many international film festivals around the world.

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