Zero Distance (2019)

Feature, Drama | 75 min | Saudi Arabia
Director : Abdulaziz Alshlahei
Cast : Khalid Al-Saqer, Yacob Alfarhan, Osamah Salih

In early 2000s Riyadh, passionate photographer Majid owns a studio with his business partner and close friend. Life is going well for Majid until he mysteriously finds memory loss pills prescribed to him. Things get more confusing when complete strangers recognize him from a seemingly past life. As Majid searches for answers, he confronts his past, faces his fears, and the closest people to him. The truth comes crashing down on him when he finds a picture of a dead body on his apartment floor and his gun missing a bullet.

About the Director:

His previous short film “Kaman” tackles the conflicts of a young personʼs religious beliefs throughconversation with a violin. In 2015 Abdulaziz won the Best Director Award at the Youth Film Festival in Jeddah, and in 2016 he received the Best Director Award at the Short Film Festival in Riyadh.

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