Hayat (2017)

Feature, Drama | 110 min | Morocco
Director : Raouf Sebbahi
Cast : Camila Aouatef Lahmani, Hashem Bastaoui, Nissrine Erradi, Aberrahim Elmaniari, Hassan Badida, Driss Roukhe, Latefa Ahrrare, Karim Saidi, Malik Akhmiss

Life is a starting point and an endpoint. The film counts the return trip of thirty Moroccan immigrants from their country of emigration to their home country in a bus. It tells the several events happening among a group of people forced to coexist in a single, narrow space; it’s in a bus. Despite the differences of their worlds and their cultural backgrounds, from the extremist to the prostitute, the revolutionary Marxist, the musicians and others, the experience becomes an interesting laboratory of events bringing us from northern Morocco to the south in an almost closed space with all the aesthetic and the absurdity of a journey. It’s the journey of life.

About the Director:

Raouf was part of the first class of the first film school in Morocco, after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in modern literature in 2000. Three years later he directed two short films, including (Ma ville que je n’ai jamais vu), a film that won awards at several festivals. After working for television, he returned to his first love, cinema, and directed 5 short films and a first feature film in 2013 “Le Pistolet”.

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