Heads or Tail (2017)

Feature, Drama | 90min | Morocco
Director : Hamid Ziane
Cast : Mohamed Khouyi, Touria Alaoui, Khouloud Betioui, Abdelkader Bouzid

HEAD OF TAIL, is a painting of a love doomed to failure, which traces the journey of three slices of lives. An array of taboos both in his prodigality and atrocity. it emphasizes and highlights the evil powers of the traditions in a world where pins and values are blurred, are lost and dissolve

Casablanca Arab Film Festival 118

About the Director:

After a long successful career in the television world as an actor and director of many timeless Moroccan achievements, in addition of being a director assistant of multiple Arabic and Moroccan directors. Hamid ZIANE announces through “Heads or Tails” a script written by the scriptwriter Mohamed elhor, conquering the world of a long feature movies.

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