La Isla De Perejil (2016)

Feature, Drama | 90 min | Morocco
Director : Ahmed Boulane
Cast : Abdellah Ferkous, Issa N’diaye, Bouchra Ahrich, Rosario Prado

Ibrahim, a Moroccan soldier, is sent to a deserted island off the Mediterranean coast of Morocco to monitor the movements of smugglers and illegal immigrants. One day, Ibrahim finds a Sub-Saharan man, Mamadou, washed up on the beach. While the unlikely pair tries to survive on the miniscule island, they inadvertently trigger a diplomatic incident that crescendos into a regional military crisis.

Casablanca Arab Film Festival 120

About the Director:

Born in Salé, Morocco, in 1956. From 1974 to 1979, actor with the Moroccan National Theater Company and the national troupe of Radio Télévision Marocain in Rabat. From 1979 onwards, a wide and varied film experience, both in cinema and television, as actor, casting director, and 1st assistant director in more than fifty international productions. Since 1997, Ahmed Boulane founded his own production company, Boulane O’Bryne Production, to produce and direct his own films.

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