Lalla Hobby (1997)

Feature, Drama | 120 min | Morocco
Director : Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi
Cast : Hamidou ben massoud, Amina rachid, Naima lamcharki, Samia akariou, Ahmed taieb laalaj.

The Failure of the first attempt to emigrate illegally on a Patera puts El Haj Benmoussa in prison in Tangiers. The whole family tries to find him and to bring him home. In his absence, his first spouse takes the management of the jewellery shop and the house.

Casablanca Arab Film Festival 105

About the Director:

Born in 1942 in Fez, Morocco, Mohammed Abderrahman Tazi shot his first fiction feature film, “Le grand voyage” in 1981. He then produced and directed “Badis” (1988), “À la recherche du mari de ma femme” (1993) and “Lalla Hobby” (1996).

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