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Ahmed Boulane

Director – Morocco

  • 2015 : LA ISLA

Born in Salé, Morocco, in 1956. From 1974 to 1979, actor with the Moroccan National Theater Company and the national troupe of Radio Télévision Marocain in Rabat. From 1979 onwards, a wide and varied film experience, both in cinema and television, as actor, casting director, and 1st assistant director in more than fifty international productions. Since 1997, Ahmed Boulane founded his own production company, Boulane O’Bryne Production, to produce and direct his own films.

Casablanca Arab Film Festival 120


Ahmed Rachdi

Director – Algeria

  • 1963 : Tebessa année zéro
  • 1969 : L’Opium et le Bâton
  • 1973 : Le Doigt dans l’engrenage
  • 2012 : Krim Belkacem
  • 2014 : Colonel Lotfi
  • 2017 : Les Sept Remparts de la citadelle

Born in Tebessa, eastern Algeria, Ahmed Rachdi is one of the leading Algerian directors in the aftermath of independence. He began his career during the National Liberation War by participating in documentary films on the reality and suffering of Algerians, as well as on the military operations of FLN soldiers in the eastern border areas.
Since 1962, he has held various positions at the head of film institutions. He was also the first Director General of the National Bureau of Trade and Film Industry from its foundation in 1967 until 1974, as a consultant to the Ministry of Information and Culture. He then devoted himself to the management of private film production companies.
Despite his responsibilities in both the public and private sectors, Ahmed Rachdi has been constantly exercising his profession since the beginning of his experience in the field of camera work to document the events of the Algerian revolution. The first documentary was “La marche du peuple” in 1962, followed by a series of documentaries, including “L’aube des damnés” in 1965, which inaugurated Algerian cinema.


Khairy Beshara

Director – Egypt 

Khairy Beshara is an Egyptian film and television director. He was born and lived his first five years in Tanta, then moved to Cairo with his mother who worked there. He studied film directing at the High Institute of Cinema and graduated in 1967. He then worked as an assistant director, and moved to Poland for a year for his post-graduate studies, where he met his wife. Upon his return to Egypt, he continued working as an assistant director, in addition to teaching acting and screenwriting at the institute. In the period between 1974 and 1986, he directed 12 documentary and short fiction films. His first feature length film was an Egyptian-Algerian co-production, and took 4 years to produce. It finally premiered in 1982. He then went on to direct 11 other feature films, most of which were critically acclaimed and gained cult followings, and several television series.

Casablanca Arab Film Festival 79
Casablanca Arab Film Festival 112


Mohamed Abdelkhaleq

Screenwriter – Egypt

He studied film set design at the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Institute of Art Criticism and the Department of Dramatic Art in the Faculty of Arts. He directed many theatre pieces and co-founded the Atelier Theatre Band, one of the first Egyptian independent theatre movement. He wrote and produced 35 theatrical works and exhibited in cooperation with most Egyptian theatres, is one of the founders of the Rawabet Art Gallery (the first independent theatre in Egypt to present independent plays, films and music groups) in 1992 and 1998 (Fustat Baqrn – Aalhamsh – Grievances – Grandchildren), he wrote the film (Those who were decent, died) with Ghada Abdel Razek, Salwa Khattab, Abeer Sabri and Hedy Karam Marwa. Screened in 2016 and presented at the Malmö Arab Film Festival in Malmö, Sweden, early October 2016. He wrote the screenplay and dialogues of the film (Midnight Concert) with Rania Youssef and Dora.
He produced the movie (After the flood) directed by Ahmed azimi starring hanan motawii produced by Phoenix, and awarded the best film at the Rabat International Film Festival in 2013. He wrote the screenplay of (Adrenaline) by Khaled El Sawy and Ghada Abdel Razek and directed by Mahmoud Kamel in 2009.


Saeed Hamed

Director – Sudan

Born in Khartoum, he studied at the Higher Institute of Cinema in Egypt. After graduation, he worked as an assistant director with several leading Egyptian film directors. In 1992, he directed his first film “Love in the refrigerator” starring Yehia El Fakharany, Lucy, Abla Kamel, The film was a different from the traditional cinema of that time. One of his most important turning point of his life was his second film, “Saidi at the American University”, which marked the beginning of the fame for many artists such as Mohamed Henedy, Hani Ramzi, Ahmed El Sakka, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Mona Zaki and Ghada Adel.
Saeed Hamed directed several successful films, including “Hammam in Amsterdam”, “Short Vanilla and Cap”, “A Generous Gesture”, “We have the next statement”, “Either Me Or My Auntie”, “Watch Out!”,”Here, Please, Driver!” “And ” The President’s Chef” through which he collaborated with many Egyptian film stars such as Mohamed Henedy, Ahmed El Sakka, Ashraf Abdel Baqi, Ahmed Rizk, Ahmed Eid and Talat Zakaria.
Just as Said Hamed has presented successful works in cinema, he has also presented a number of successful series, including “Han Bint Pasha”, “The Disappearance of Saeid Mahran”, “Ratios Crisis” and “Black & White one more time”.

Casablanca Arab Film Festival 19
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