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Aziz Dadas

Actor – Morocco

Aziz Dadas was born in 1957 in Casablanca. It was in this city that he made his first artistic steps. He started singing for a group of theatres, and then played secondary roles, such as his role in Hisham Lasri’s short film “On the Wing” and his role in the film. “Kazadaylit” by Mustafa Derkaoui.
His collaboration with director and actor Said Naciri on television was an important step in his artistic career, just as his role in the television film “Playing with the Wolves” in 2005, and not far from acting, he worked for seven years as casting director, then as production director.
His role in the television series “An Hour in Hell” has put him on the path to fame since 2012, after he started appearing in many big successes, in particular: “Zero” by Noureddine Khamari, “The Road to Kabul” by Ibrahim Chkiri, “Midnight Orchestra” with Jerome Cohen Olivar 2015, “In Wonderland” with Jihan Al Bahar 2017, then “Lahnash” with Idriss El-Marini, then in the film “Catharsys” 2018 with director Yassin Morrocco and the film “Massoud and Saida” by Ibrahim Chkiri.

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Dawood Hussein

Actor – Kuwait

Dawood Hussein is a Kuwaiti actor and one of the most prominent comedy stars in the Arab world.
Born in eastern Kuwait, he started playing in summer clubs during the holidays, imitating his teachers during his studies.
After graduating from high school, he joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and went from Al Soor Theatre Company to Kuwait Theatre Company. He was then seconded from the Arab Theatre Company to play in “Al Seef” and then “Noura”, He then asked from artist Fouad Shatti to stay in Arab theatre and he agreed, then participated in the play “Dar” in 1980 and received for his role the prize for the best and most promising actor.
During his third year at the Theatre Institute, he met the artist Abdel Hussein Abdel Reda, and was invited to play in the series “Al Atawiya”, after which he asked to work with him in the play “Bye bye London”, as well as in the last episode of “Private lesson” as Translator. These works were the beginning of the public’s first familiarity.
Dawood Hussein has screened many successful films in the cinema, including “The decision” (1982), “The Other Face” (1984), “Al-Qurban” (2008), “Swarm of Doves” (2017), and has appeared in Egyptian cinema in films such as “The Nightingale Of Dokki” (2007). “Here, Please, Driver!” 2008 and “Our Love Kangaroo” 2016.


Dureid Lahham

Actor – Syria 

Dureid Muhammad Hassan al-Lahham was born in Damascus in 1934, to a Syrian father and a Lebanese mother. He studied chemistry at Damascus University and then became a professor in the same division.
He began his artistic journey with the launch of Syrian television in 1960 and was chosen by director Sabah Qabbani to participate in the work of artist Nihad Kalai, who was then famous with a small series called The Damascus Evening.
His theatrical works have been influenced by the musicals of Assi Rahbani and his wife, the singer Fairouz. He dropped out of university to devote himself entirely to his artistic life, although everyone opposed it to consider that art was not worth leaving his solemn work as a university teacher, but he insisted on doing it.
Duraid Lahham’s career is rich in distinctive works of art: he has represented in many series and the bodies of many characters.
The character was not confined to the field, but jumped into the world of theatre and cinema to dominate the most beautiful Syrian films and plays such as “Headset Ya Watan”, “Teshreen Village”, “Anemones”, “Weirda” and “The Maker of Rain” and other dozens of plays and films.

Casablanca Arab Film Festival 16


Hani Ramzi

Actor – Egypt

Egyptian actor and one of the most prominent comedy stars in Egypt and the Arab world.
Hani was born in Alexandria to a family in the governorate of Minya in Upper Egypt, he studied at the Faculty of Commerce of Cairo University and then at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. He started as an actor on stage where he played with the great artist Mohamed Sobhy in the plays “Takharif” and “Point of View”.
Hani Ramzi played the lead role in the film “Hamaam at the American University”, which marked the beginning of the wave of comedy that had reigned in Egyptian cinema since the late 1990s, and was then launched in the absolute film leagues that were highly acclaimed, including the “Marriage by Presidential Decree” “M. Abularabi Wasl”, “Upper-Egyptian Back & Forth”, “Divorce Lawyer”, “Sami Carbon Dioxide” and “I Want My Right” and “A Natural-born Fool”, “Zaza” and “A Lion and four cats” and “Nems Bond” and “The Mysterious Man”, “Tom and Jimmy” and “Tuesday Slumber”, as well as his latest film, “My Painful Debt”, in 2018.
Hani Ramzi managed to present comedies of a political dimension, which caused considerable controversy at the time of its presentation, such as “passport by presidential decree”, “Zaza” and “I Want My Right”, which distinguished him from the rest of his generation to enable him to produce comedic films with a political audacity.
Hany Ramzy has also been involved in the scene and performed in many successful comedies, including “That’s Okay !”, “Afroto” and “Alabanda”. He also starred in several successful comedies on television, including “Congratulations, You Got Concern” and “Gang Baba and Mama” and “Groom Delivery” and “son of the system. ”

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Mohamed Abderahmane Tazi

Director – Morocco

Born in 1942 in Fez, Morocco, Mohammed Abderrahman Tazi graduated from the I.D.H.E.C. in Paris in 1963. He then worked as a cameraman-reporter for the C.C.M. from 1964 to 1968. In 1970, he co-produced the feature film “Wechma” directed by Hamid Bennani, of which he is also the director of photography. In 1974, he spent a year studying communication at Syracuse University in the United States. In 1980, he created the production company “Arts et Techniques Audio-visuels” and began the following year to produce documentaries, short films, advertising films and institutional films for both the public and private sectors.
Mohammed Abderrahman Tazi shot his first fiction feature film, “Le grand voyage” in 1981. He then produced and directed “Badis” (1988), “À la recherche du mari de ma femme” (1993) and “Lalla Hobby” (1996).


Saeed Hamed

Director – Sudan

Born in Khartoum, he studied at the Higher Institute of Cinema in Egypt. After graduation, he worked as an assistant director with several leading Egyptian film directors. In 1992, he directed his first film “Love in the refrigerator” starring Yehia El Fakharany, Lucy, Abla Kamel, The film was a different from the traditional cinema of that time. One of his most important turning point of his life was his second film, “Saidi at the American University”, which marked the beginning of the fame for many artists such as Mohamed Henedy, Hani Ramzi, Ahmed El Sakka, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Mona Zaki and Ghada Adel.
Saeed Hamed directed several successful films, including “Hammam in Amsterdam”, “Short Vanilla and Cap”, “A Generous Gesture”, “We have the next statement”, “Either Me Or My Auntie”, “Watch Out!”,”Here, Please, Driver!” “And ” The President’s Chef” through which he collaborated with many Egyptian film stars such as Mohamed Henedy, Ahmed El Sakka, Ashraf Abdel Baqi, Ahmed Rizk, Ahmed Eid and Talat Zakaria.
Just as Said Hamed has presented successful works in cinema, he has also presented a number of successful series, including “Han Bint Pasha”, “The Disappearance of Saeid Mahran”, “Ratios Crisis” and “Black & White one more time”.

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Zhour Slimani

Actress – Morocco

Zhour Slimani began her career in the early 1980s and learned the principles of acting from the greatest pioneers of Moroccan theatre, such as Mohammed Tayeb Alaj, then Tayeb Siddiqui.She started appearing in works alongside some of the biggest names in roles very close to the audience such as her role in “Wlad Nass” directed by Farida Bourkia, “Dar El Kebira” with director Hamid El Zoggy and “Ezz El Khail Marabitha” by Mohamed Reda Kouzi…
She appeared in most of Hakim Nouri’s films, in the film “Childhood usurped” in 1993 and in 1998, she played a role in “Thief of Dreams” and another role in “Crossed in Silence” and recorded a significant presence in all three parts of the film “She’s diabetic, hypertensive and refuses to die” from 2000 to 2015, and in the film “Love Story” 2002.
She has also played many roles from the beginning until now under the direction of many Moroccan directors, including: Hassan Benjelloun in “Le mariage des autres” 1990 and Tayeb Siddiqui in his film “Zeft” 1993. In recent years, she has collaborated with director Idriss Marini in his film “Lahnech” and with director Nassim Abbasi in 2017 in the film “My Uncle”, and with Ibrahim Chkiri in the film “Massoud, Saida and Saadan” in 2018, and with the film by Moncef Malazi’ White Taxi ‘…..
Zhor slimani cinematic portfolio has exceeded 14 films as well as many short films.

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