Until The End Of Time (2018)

Feature, Drama | 93 min | Algeria
Director : Mohamed Al Daradji
Cast : Djillali Boudjemaa, Djamila Arres, Mohamed Takiret, Imen Noel, Mohamed Benbakreti, Mehdi Moulay, Iman Noel

In the cemetery of Sidi Boulekbour, Ali the old gravedigger meets the 60-year-old Johar, who is visiting her sister’s grave for the first time after losing her husband. Johar wants her final resting place to be next to her sister, so she decides to organize her own funeral and asks Ali to help her. But preparations for the final journey go awry when Ali and Johar unexpectedly start to realize they have feelings for each other…

َAbout the director :

Born in 1982 in Algiers, Yasmine Chouikh studied human arts and sciences and graduated in psychology. She directed two short films, « The Door » in 2006 and « the Djinn » in 2010 and a tv series «Studio 27» in 2015 and her first feature film «Until the end of time » in 2016. She produced a set of 8 shorts films «Once upon a time, the Casbah» directed by Yamina Bachir.

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