Diamond Dust (2018)

Feature, Drama | 162 min | Egypt
Director : Marwan Hamed
Cast : Asser Yassine, Ezzat El Alaily, Menna Shalaby, Bayyumy Fouad, Maged El Kedwany, Mohamed Mamdouh


A man who works in a pharmacy as a part time job to aid his financial status finds out that his father has been exterminated by a savage brute and sought to avenge him, then unlocks a whole melancholic world of crime!

About the Director:

Marwan Hamed possesses an extensively auspicious repertoire that extends over 20 years of experience in producing as well as directing films, in addition to directing over 300 commercials, TV drama series and music videos.Graduated from the High Institute of Cinema in 1999, Marwan Hamed started his cinematic career in 2000 as an Assistant Director,In 2006, Marwan directed his feature debut, The Yacoubian Building,In 2014, Marwan directed The Blue Elephant, which is a cinematic adaptation of Ahmed Mourad’s bestselling novel in 2012 of the same name, won several awards. Hamed’s most recent film is Diamond Dust, based on the novel of the same name by writer Ahmed Mourad, who also wrote the film’s screenplay.

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