Writing on Snow (2017)

Feature, Drama | 72 min | Palestine, Tunisia
Director : Rashid Masharawi
Cast : Ghassan Massoud, Ramzi Maqdisi, Areen Omari

One night, five Palestinians are trapped inside a small apartment during the war on Gaza Strip. Political and social divisions among themselves, and religious intolerance, and the lack of acceptance of the other despite the difference, are factors that go beyond their solidarity and weaken their resistance against the Israeli occupation


Rashid MASHARAWI grew up in a Shati refugee camp on the Gaza Strip. As a self-taught film maker, he made his first films at the age of 18, followed by his first real short, Travel Document, in 1987. He is the founder of the Cinema Production and Distribution Centre (1996) in Ramallah, which supports Palestinian cinema in general.

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