Stateless (2017)

Feature, Drama | 110 min | Morocco
Director : Narjiss Nejjar
Cast : Ghalia Benzaouia, Aziz Elfadili, Avishay Benazra Julie Gayet, Nadia Niazi, Mohamed Nadif

Henia is separated from her family in Algeria, after being deported to Morocco with her father, who died a couple months after his forced exile. Henia’s only obsession now is to cross the border to find her mother in Algeria. But having no birth certificate and no papers she is stuck in Morocco. Then comes the father, an old blind man who spent his life in France and now his Son take him back to leave in his home country. The family asks Henia to take care of him. She accepts and, little by little, finds herself overwhelmed by her growing desire for the Son who also realizes his love for her. After a passionate intercourse and being ashamed of himself, he rejects Henia and goes back to his wife in Paris. The Father enjoys Henia’s presence and decides to marry her.

About the Director:

Born in Tanger Morocco, She moves to Paris France, in 1999 where she studies film making. She signed several documentaries including L’EXIGENCE DE LA DIGNITE, followed by KHADDOUJ and MEMOIRE DE TARGHA. She has continued to make successful films such as THE SEVENTH HEAVEN in 2001, THE MIRROR’S FOOL in 2001 and THE PARABLE in 2002. Her first feature LES YEUX SECS was presented at the Directors’ Fortnight, the FIFF and the Marrakech Film Festival. In 2006 she finished her second feature WAKE UP MOROCCO.

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