The Billion (2017)

Feature, Drama | 90 min | Morocco
Director : Mohamed Raïd El Meftahi
Cast : Rabai Kati, Hasna Moumni, Sandya Tajdin, Abdellah Chicha, Zhour Slimani, Mohamed Ater, Zahira Sadik, Abdelhak Belmjahed , Abdelkader Rguig

Ali Ould Safiya lives in poverty and isolation in the small rural village of Al Koudiya. Regularly mocked and reviled by the locals, Ali survives by doing humiliating menial tasks that the townsfolk refuse to do. After an international NGO unexpectedly takes an interest in his situation, rumours spread throughout the village that Ali is about to receive “a Billion” in financial aid. Before long, Ali finds himself the center of attention of the village.

Casablanca Arab Film Festival 101

About the Director:

Mohammed Raed Al-Mufti continued his studies in the audiovisual field at the specialized editing institute in Casablanca, obtained a diploma in film studies from Abdelmalek Saadi University in Tetouan. He started as an assistant director in several short documentaries. He then directed a short film, “Heart Beat”. As part of his work with a production company, he has made numerous advertising links and institutional films, and directed his first feature film “The Billion” in 2016.

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