Tunis By Night (2017)

Feature, Drama | 91 min | Tunisia
Director : Elyes Baccar
Cast : Raouf Ben Amor , Amel Hedhili , Amira Chebli et Helmi Dridi

Tunis by Night follows Youssef, who after more than two decades working for Tunisia’s national radio, is on his way to retirement. He is viciously cut off broadcasting during the last episode of his programme “Tunis by Night”. Youssef’s family portrays the different lifestyles in Tunisia, as each member of hisfamily suffers from major conflicts.His wife Amal finds refuge again in prayer after breast removalsurgery and their youngest daughter Aziza lives completely disconnected from the paceand values of her family.She inherited her father’s passion for alcohol and is involved without restraint to her rockband. The elder brother Amin, tries to put his family’s piecesback together as well as he can.
Youssef takes refuge at the Saint George, the adjacent bar, where heempties his mind after emptying a few bottles of wine. He then runs away from his family to be engulfedby a city he does not recognize anymore…

Casablanca Arab Film Festival 141

About the Director:

Born in Tunis in 1971, Elyes Baccar is a graduate of the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français in Paris. He directed several shorts, plays and documentaries prior to his first feature, SHE & HE (2006). He won the Al-Jazeera Documentary Film Festival’s award for best short for PAKISTAN 7.6 and his feature documentary WAILING WALL won the Osian Film Festival’s special jury award.

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