A couple, a cat… and a virus. During lockdown, Sarra works from home in the humanitarian sector, helping people in distress during the Covid-19 crisis. Her husband Kais, psychotic, finds himself without medication, out of stock. Then begins a long and painful descent into hell while nature regains its rights, and the air becomes more pure and breathable…

Nejib Belkadhi - Director

Director's bio

Born May 13, 1972 in Tunis. He he began a career as an actor in cinema and theater. His first steps in directing were made on TV on Canal+ Horizons in 1999. In 2002, he founded Propaganda Productions with his friend Imed Marzouk who would later become his producer. In 2005 he directed his first short film called “Tsawer”. The film will be selected at more than 30 festivals in 11 countries. In 2006, his feature -length documentary VHS-Kahloucha will participate in more than 50 festivals. In 2013, his first feature film “Bastardo” was presented as a world premiere at the “Toronto International Film Festival ”. In 2014, he released his second feature-length documentary 7 ½, shot. In 2018, he released his second feature film “Look at me”.

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