The Festival

Since the creation of the very first film theatres of the Arab world, Arab cinema, and in particular Egyptian cinema, has long been a reference for our populations,feeding their imagination and offering them spaces for escape and dreams. Today, with a production of around a hundred films per year, Arabic films are revealing a cinematographic expression specific to each country, giving rise to a rich collection of sensations, feelings and contemplations.
In this regard, the “Casablanca Arab Film Festival”, whose 1st edition will be held from December 10 to 15 of 2018 in Casablanca, plans to give Arab films in general and Moroccan films in particular, a beautiful showcase and a space for meetings, exchange and
reflection. By bringing together creators, artists, decision-makers and distributors, the “Casablanca Arab Film Festival” aims first and foremost to be a cultural center and an opportunity that effectively brings together Arab people and their cultures.

Its holding in Casablanca is a deliberate choice aimed at providing this large city with a film festival at its level, bearing in mind that this metropolis alone accounts for 44% of the national number of digital cinemas, hosts more than 20% of foreign film shoots and, paradoxically, has almost no film festival.
The “Casablanca Arab Film Festival” aims to be a truly professional festival that can conciliate its festive and cinematographic aspects thanks to the quality of the programming, the eclecticism of the jury and the holding of round tables, Master-Classes, tributes and public open meetings .
Thanks to this event, Casablanca will be transformed each year into a capital of Arab cinema, which will contribute to the influence of Morocco and its culture through extensive media coverage by renowned satellite channels.

Fatema Nouali, Director of the Festival

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