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Five short stories take a place in a conservative society, where five female protagonists risking their lives by facing incidents that occurs in puberty, marriage, separation, and sexual assault. A left-out child who tries to refill the gap by reaching out to her absent father through his students. A teenager struggles to sign her parental consent form to participate in an art competition facing the pressure of her parents’ separation. A fresh graduate who is conflicted between her family desires and what she wants in her life. A girl who lives normally until a sudden visit made her re-live her past childhood traumatic experience. A widow let a stranger get into her house at her husband’s funeral.

Ragheed AlNahdi - Pic (1)
Norah Almowald - Pic (1)
Ruba Khafagy - Pic (1) copy
Fatma Alhazmi - Pic (1)
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Director's bio

  • Ragheed Al-Nahdi began her career as a young Saudi presenter on Jeddah Radio. She has made several shorts and fiction features since.
  • Norah Almowald, a Saudi director, holds a degree in Digital and Visual Production from Effat University, and found her way to film through her interest in art.
  • Ruba Khafagy is a Saudi art director, with experience as a colorist and editor on numerous advertisements and feature films in Saudi Arabia.
  • Fatma Alhazmi is a young Saudi filmmaker exploring her local culture on screen. She graduated from Effat University and worked on advertisements, TV series, and films.
  • Noor Alameer is a Saudi writer-director. Her documentary, “The Bus”, was awarded at the 2017 Saudi Film Festival.
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